Terms and Conditions

  1. Rents are NOT transferrable. You must personally return all rented equipment back to EITS, Located at Suite 86, Dolphin Plaza, Corporation Drive, Dolphin Estate Ikoyi Lagos.
  2. You must exercise all due care of the equipment to prevent loss or damage during the period of your rent.
  3. You accept FULL RESPONSIBILTY for any loss or damage to the equipment caused by your negligence or improper use. “Improper use” includes using the equipment otherwise than in accordance with the manufacturer’s and/or EITS instructions, using the equipment for a purpose other than intended or allowing the equipment out of your control and custody and failing to protect it from loss or damage.
  4. You will pay the cost of full repair or replacement of any equipment lost or damaged as a result of your negligence or improper use.
  5. You must return all rented equipment to a representative of EITS in person so that the equipment can be inspected for any visible damage.
  6. If renter wishes to renew the duration, then they shall inform EITS at-least one day before expected return date
  7. Late returns will incur a fine which will be charged at a rate of N7,000 (Seven Thousand Naira) per equipment per day.
  8. If rented laptop is not returned in 7 days from expected return date then the charges would be entitled for next one month.
  9. All equipment must be returned prior to the date & time agreed upon.
  10. In the event of loss due to theft, Renter has to bear all the laptop and accessories cost informed by EITS.
  11. Failure to return the equipment on time may result in the equipment being reported as stolen to the Police and recovery procedures being invoked.
  12. EITS suggests not to save any work to the laptop’s hard drive. Save all work to either a USB pen/flash drive or to your cloud account. All files on the hard drive will be deleted once the laptop is returned and cannot be recovered.
  13. The laptop you rent may not be recharged. In this case, please connect to the supplied power supply and connect to a mains power outlet.
  14. In the event of a problem with the equipment during your rent period, please contact EITS making it clear that the equipment is a rent item. Do NOT attempt to fix any hardware problems yourself as this could invalidate the warranty and leave you liable for damage/replacement costs.
  15. The Renter must not alter or replace any parts in the Computer nor alter or load any software on the Computer unless that software has been approved by EITS.
  16. All equipment remains the property of EITS who reserve the right to invoice you for the full value of the laptop should it be damaged or not returned within 1 day of the agreed rental period.
  17. You cannot install your own or third-party software on the laptops. Any software installed or files downloaded using the laptops must be in accordance to appropriate software licensing and adhere to Nigeria copyright law.
  18. In event of any software issue or admin access required to install any application EITS will provide remote assistances through Anydesk remote desktop.
  19. Our technical support team would be available from Monday to Saturday between 9AM to 6PM.